Articles on Colon Health and Nutrition

Written by Alice Bachner

My Thoughts and Advice on the Coronavirus

Many of my patients have been calling and asking me a lot of questions about the corona virus. I would like to provide you with some important information to help alleviate any fears and to help you to get prepared. In early December when the coronavirus was first brought to the public’s attention I started researching its effects. Because our government has been downplaying the

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Disinfectant Spray, Wipes, Hand Sanitizer, and Masks to Combat the Coronavirus

Making Disinfectant Spray Making a spray bottle of disinfectant is fairly easy. Fill 1/3 of an empty spray bottle with rubbing alcohol and then fill 1/3 of the bottle with hydrogen peroxide. Add water to fill the rest of the bottle. You can add 15 – 20 drops of any essential oil (I like tea tree oil) or 2-3 tablespoons colloidal silver to help disinfect.

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Use Probiotics To Help Prevent Colds And Flu This Winter Season

Probiotics aid in the nourishment and defense of the entire body, not just the digestive tract. Recent evidence has shown that probiotics can help fend off colds and flu. When you have an abundance of healthy bacteria in your digestive tract, it’s harder for pathogenic bacteria to invade your system. “Probiotics go beyond the gut to influence other systems” notes gastroenterologist and researcher Sonia Michail, MD. To

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Problems Caused By Intestinal Plaque

We are all aware of the importance of preventing plaque from building up on our teeth or in our arteries, but it is equally important to prevent plaque from building up in the intestinal system. Plaque is a sticky film that is made up of living, microscopic organisms that contain bad bacteria, yeast, and parasites. This film compromises your nutrient absorption and as it builds

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Improve Your Health By Eliminating Soda!

If you still drink soda, stopping the habit is an easy way to improve your health. If you must drink a carbonated beverage, try sparkling mineral water with a squirt of lime or lemon juice.  There is absolutely NO REASON your kids should ever drink soda. No excuses. The elimination of soft drinks is one of the most crucial factors to deal with many of

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What is colon hydrotherapy?

Colon Hydrotherapy is referred to as colon irrigation, colonics, colon therapy or high enemas. Colon Hydrotherapy is clean & relaxing. A soothing flow of filtered, temperature controlled water gently circulates throughout the colon, coaxing your body to release the accumulated toxins & waste.

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