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What is Diverticulitis?


It is generally accepted that problems associated with diverticulitis are rooted in today’s common diet. Most diets consist of highly refined & processed foods that have a tendency to ‘slow the flow’. For our bodies to operate optimally a crucial factor is transit time, the time that lapses between eating food & the elimination of it’s waste products. If transit time is prolonged, harmful toxins will form. If fecal matter is not successfully evacuated, the remnants collect & harden on the walls of the colon.

Over a period of time the insider diameter of the colon becomes smaller. Greater effort is required by the colon’s circular muscles to move this compacted waste material. This internal pressure causes small packets called diverticula to develop along the colon. When these pockets become inflamed & infected the condition is called diverticulitis. About half of all people over the age of 60 have this condition. Diverticulitis is extremely painful & requires emergency medical treatment when complications such as perforations, tears, blockages or bleeding occur.

The best way to prevent this condition is to eat a high fiber diet, drink plenty of water & maintain a healthy functioning colon. If you already have this condition, colon hydrotherapy is advised only when the colon is not currently infected or inflamed.