About the Colon

The colon is a muscular organ 5 to 6 feet in length. Two to three bowel movements a day are needed to keep this muscle strengthened and toned. Colon hydrotherapy is a gentle purified-water washing of the large intestine. The physical goals of each session are to: hydrate the system, remove waste, stimulate peristalsis, reposition the intestines, and rehabilitate the nerves, muscles, glands, circulatory and immune system.

There are two primary benefits of colon hydrotherapy.

The first primary benefit of colon hydrotherapy is that we are strengthening and toning the colon muscle itself. The colon is the largest muscle in the body. Colonics done on an open system force this muscle to gain strength and tone. A series of colonics is like a workout program for the colon. It is well known that working out regularly is the best plan for increasing muscle strength. Once the colon is strengthened and toned it will be emptying 2-3 times a day on its own. These more natural bowel movements help retain this strong muscle tone. When using an open system, the more colonics you do the stronger your colon muscle will become.

The second primary benefit of colon hydrotherapy is that when we empty the contents of the colon, all of the other organs in the body will begin releasing toxins. Even with three bowel movements per day the colon still retains the remnants of 8-10 meals in it at any given time. When we empty the colon all at once, the other organs in the body can then release their stored toxins into the empty colon. For thousands of years the main method used to detoxify the organ system was fasting. However, most people today are unable to do a fast because they get very sick from the numerous amount of toxins suddenly released into their system. This is a result of the increased level of toxins people are absorbing through chemically polluted air, water and food. Even with three bowel movements a day most of us are in a toxic state, so the International Association of Colon Therapists recommends doing a series of 10-15 colonics every year, allowing the organs in the body to release these stored toxins.

Most naturopathic doctors believe that disease is a manifestation of a toxic state. Even if you inherited a genetic tendency for some specific disease, if you never allowed your system to become toxic, you would very likely not succumb to that disease. Disease will present itself wherever your weakest genetic link is. It is the choices you make every day; like what you eat, drink, the products you use, and how often you detoxify your system that determines your risk factors for disease. The alarming increase in the number of people with degenerative diseases, such as diabetes, cancer and Alzheimer’s is basically just the end result of our modern and very toxic inner and outer environment. As the level of toxicity on our planet continues to grow, it is very important to allow our organs to detoxify on a regular basis.

Probiotics are very beneficial and necessary if you are going to do colonics. When we clean the colon and remove unfriendly bacteria, we are also removing some of the friendly bacteria. These good or ‘friendly’ bacteria need to be replaced. A probiotic is a combination of many strains of friendly bacteria together with more strength than a single strain. The reason we want this friendly bacteria in the small and large intestines is that it lives naturally in the intestines and helps maintain a healthy balance of intestinal flora. This is accomplished by producing compounds that increase the acidity of the intestine and inhibit the reproduction of harmful bacteria. Many people have fewer than 20% “friendly or good” bacteria living in their intestines, which means that 80% of the bacteria in the intestines is “unfriendly or bad”. A cold virus, flu, parasite or fungus uses this unfriendly bacteria like plant food. As they feed on these bad bacteria, they multiply and soon you have a full blown viral, fungal, parasitic or bacterial infection. To prevent such illness, it is vital to maintain colonies of friendly bacteria throughout the intestinal tract. These friendly bacteria are the main line of defense for your immune system. A good high quality probiotic is the single most important supplement you should take every day to protect your health long term.

A recently retired medical examiner estimated that less than 10% of the people he performed autopsies on had a normal colon. This is really sad as it is the primary detox organ for your entire body. When this organ is not functioning properly, the end result is usually autointoxication. This occurs any time your colon is not emptying 2-3 times a day. The toxins go back through the colon wall and return to the blood stream, liver, kidneys and other organs causing your entire system to become toxic. The extra burden placed on your immune system causes you to become exhausted and creates a lack of energy for normal activities. Eventually, when the immune system becomes burdened enough, it can no longer protect you and your body becomes susceptible to disease. Right now, in America, colon cancer kills 400 times more people than AIDS. If you consider how many deaths are colon related due to autointoxication, let alone the fact that 400 times more people are dying from colon cancer than AIDS, a majority of the deaths in America begin with a colon problem. You just never hear about it because nobody wants to talk about it. That is why it is so important to keep the colon in great shape, going three times a day and functioning as it was designed to do. By doing a series of colonics each year it allows your organs to release stored toxins. Releasing toxins frees up a lot of energy in the body, engaging it’s innate ability to heal itself.